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  本文摘要:Apple has revealed new details about its controversial data centres in China, amid a dispute with the FBI that has raised questions about its privacy policies outside the US. 苹果(Apple)透露了其倍受争议的中国数据中心的近期细节。


Apple has revealed new details about its controversial data centres in China, amid a dispute with the FBI that has raised questions about its privacy policies outside the US. 苹果(Apple)透露了其倍受争议的中国数据中心的近期细节。目前,苹果与美国联邦调查局(FBI)之间再次发生的争吵,已使其在美国以外地区继续执行的隐私政策受到了批评。

In China — Apple’s fastest-growing market — the company has acceded to unusual government requests, such as using China-based data centres and incorporating a Chinese WiFi standard, drawing criticism over whether it was turning a blind eye to government snooping. China accounts for a quarter of Apple’s revenue, with sales of $18bn last quarter. 中国市场是苹果业绩快速增长最慢的市场。在中国,苹果答允了政府明确提出的一些不奇怪的拒绝,比如用于设于中国的数据中心,以及划入中国的WiFi标准。一些人早已抨击苹果是否是对政府的监听睁一只眼闭一只眼。上一季度,苹果在中国市场的销售额约180亿美元,占到苹果总收入的四分之一。


Apple attempted to address these concerns in court documents filed on Tuesday in preparation for its hearing next week in the case brought by the FBI. The bureau is seeking court approval to compel Apple to unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino terrorists. 周二,苹果企图在递交给法庭的文件中消弭这些忧虑。这些文件是为下周该公司将参加的一场听证会打算的。这场听证会是环绕FBI驳回的一个案子。FBI正在谋求法庭批准后强制苹果关卡圣贝纳迪诺案恐怖分子用于过的一部iPhone。

The Department of Justice has accused Apple of making special accommodations in China. In a court submission, Apple’s software head defended its dealings with governments around the world. However, he stopped short of saying that user data had never been accessible by any foreign government. 美国司法部(DoJ)谴责苹果在中国做出了类似的妥协。在递交给法庭的一份文件中,苹果软件部门负责人为苹果与世界各国政府所打的交道不作了申辩。


然而,他未回应未曾有任何外国政府提供过苹果用户的数据。“Apple has never made user data, whether stored on the iPhone or in iCloud, more technologically accessible to any country’s government,” said Craig Federighi, head of software engineering, in a statement. “苹果未曾让任何国家的政府从技术上更容易提供苹果用户的数据,无论它们是存储在iPhone上,还是存储在iCloud上,”苹果软件工程部门主管克雷格费代里吉(Craig Federighi)在一份声明中回应。“It is my understanding that Apple has never worked with any government agency from any country to create a ‘backdoor’ in any of our products or services,” he wrote. “我的解读是,苹果未曾因应任何国家的任何政府机构在我们的任何产品或服务上创立‘后门’,”他写到。

Apple attorneys said that its servers in China stored data that was fully encrypted, and that the servers were there to reduce the lag-time, or latency, for Apple users in China. Only Chinese citizens’ data were stored there, the attorney said, and the fact that the server was physically located in China was irrelevant because the encryption key was in the US. 苹果的律师回应,该公司中国服务器上存储的数据是几乎加密的,服务器设于中国是为了延长中国苹果用户的时延。律师回应,只有中国公民的数据存储在中国,而且服务器的物理方位在中国并不要紧,因为秘钥在美国。Apple began storing Chinese users’ data in local servers there in 2014, before the iPhone 6 went on sale in the region. 苹果是在2014年于中国发售iPhone6前开始把中国用户的数据存储在中国服务器上的。

Mr Federighi said Apple only ever provided an unmodified iPhone as part of its applications for regulatory approval around the world, and had never shared the iPhone source code with any government. 费代里吉回应,苹果只获取过一部未修改过的iPhone——那是为了在世界各地申请人取得监管批准后——并且未曾与任何政府共享过iPhone的源代码。Apple received requests from the Chinese government for data on more than 4,000 devices during the first half of last year, and complied with three-quarters of the requests. By comparison, Apple received more than 9,000 requests from the US during the same period. 去年上半年,苹果接到了中国政府明确提出的逾4000次数据催促,遵守了其中的四分之三。相比之下,同期苹果接到的美国政府明确提出的数据催促多达9000次。



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